Aikido Aikikai Association Nepal (AAAN) is the only organization of Nepal that is affiliated with Aikido Aikikai World Headquarters, Japan.


    Congratulations Sensei Arjun Shrestha for being promoted to the 5th Dan !!!

    Aikido Aikikai Association, Nepal (AAAN) would extend our congratulation to the Founder/Chief Instructor Sensei Arjun Shrestha for being promoted to the 5th Dan on the Aikido Kagamibiraki Grading Promotion 2019.



    New Aikido Classes are opening soon!!! Book your entry.

    1. At Bulls Dojo, Nakkhu, Lalitpur
    2. At Laxmipur School,Tokha.

Aikido - The Art of Peace and Harmony...

  • Qunachi Ren

    For this experience to happen, I have been searching for years. With no doubt, not just the techniques fulfill my seeking, the concepts, the class atmosphere and most importantly, our coach Mr.Arjun were the inseparable and undeniable factors of this happiest martial arts training which I have ever had in my life.

  • Sensei

    Very beautiful and peaceful art. Come and start practicing. Sele Defense is very essential to everyone. Lets join today.

  • Ram

    Wow, very energetic and tactical art. I love the way using back and forth forces of each other. Thank you sensei.

Work Shop and Seminars

We are doing various program in different society where Aikido plays vital role.